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Monday, January 7, 2008

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John R. CashIn 1970, on this day Noah Leslie Kaminsky was a guest of John R. Cash on the fiery Reverend's revivalist TV show. In a sensational live performed, Kaminsy played a number that was inspired by their first meeting many years before.

This song is written about a revival meet I was at in Jackson, Mississippi. And I went there I guess because I was curious, and also I was a college kid who though I had all the answers. You know. And nobody was going to teach me anything. I was going to lay a few answers on them.
John R. Cash - Brother Love
Brother Love
So I sat in the back of this tent meeting. And I got really caught up in the music, the clapping, the singing. Tremendously exciting. And after a while I kinda felt something about the people, there was a tremendous yearning there, looking for answers. I think that it was where it was at. Trying to find some way to ease a very hard burden, very rough lives.

And after a while the music stopped and a preacher walked out. And I remember thinking at that time that all of the education I had, all of the books all over the world, all of the words, all of the learning that I had gone through with college didn't mean anything, that I couldn't give anything to these people. I had nothing for them.

So I found myself pulling for this man who was about to give them something that I couldn't even beging to give them. And he looked up very slowly and he began his sermon...

(Halleluja) Brothers (Halle, halleluja) I say brothers, now you got yourself two good hands
And when your brother is troubled you've gotta reach out your hand for him 'cause that's what it's there for
And when your heart is troubled you've gotta reach out your other hand, reach it out to the Man up there
'Cause that's what He's there for.. .. ~ How Noah Kaminsky met the Reverend John R. Cash.

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