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Monday, August 27, 2007

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In 2007, the Prince of Wales decision not to attend a memorial to mark the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death has met with approval.

One of Diana's friends, Rosa Monckton, said it would be "deeply inappropriate" for Charles to attend Friday's service. Charles said he feared his attendance "could divert attention from the purpose of the occasion".

Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty magazine, said the Queen would have sanctioned the Prince's decision.

It is not yet clear whether Princes William and Harry will meet with their father. Both have lived with the Earl of Spencer at his home in South Africa for the last decade.

It is the tenth anniversary of the Earl's eulogy, at which he famously stated : "On behalf of your mother and sisters, I pledge that we, your blood family, will do all we can to continue the imaginative way in which you were steering these two exceptional young men, so that their souls are not simply immersed by duty and tradition but can sing openly, as you planned."

~ entry by Steve Payne

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