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Monday, November 19, 2007

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Jart"The Death, when it came, was completely earnest and open. Every weapon was used as it had been designed to be used. There seemed to be no compunction about consequences... The Little Death resulted in 4 million casualties, most in Western Europe and England. The Death resulted in approximately 2 1/2 billion casualties, and the numbers will always be uncertain, for by the time the body counts were 'completed,' it is possible that as many bodies had rotted as had been counted. And, of course, as many more had been completely vaporized. ~ Patricia Vasquez"

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Jart - Invaders
In 2005 a Talsit unit led by Gary Lanier discovered one of many horrors in their reconstruction work. In Nicaragua, a soldier encased in a mud as a result of a tactical nuclear detonation during The Death. Lanier himself had suffered a heart attack on his first day back on Earth, confronted with the scale of the reconstruction.

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