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Saturday, November 17, 2007

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The Violent yet peaceful death of Marvin Lee Aday Part IV ~
Orvis Wesley Aday was a Police Officer. One of Dallas' finest. That was until the Incident. Not that he was the only Officer in Dallas affected of course, far from it. By 1965, Aday was an alcoholic who would go on drinking binges for days at a time. His son Marvin and his mother Wilma Artie (Hukel) would drive around to all the bars in Dallas, looking for Orvis to take him home. In 1967 Wilma died and Orvis, in a drunken rage, tried to kill Marvin with a knife. Marvin got his inheritance from his mother's death, and fled to Los Angeles with Nadine Cross.
JartThe Death, when it came, was completely earnest and open. Every weapon was used as it had been designed to be used. There seemed to be no compunction about consequences... The Little Death resulted in 4 million casualties, most in Western Europe and England. The Death resulted in approximately 2 1/2 billion casualties, and the numbers will always be uncertain, for by the time the body counts were 'completed,' it is possible that as many bodies had rotted as had been counted. And, of course, as many more had been completely vaporized.
~ Patricia Vasquez Click Symbol to Watch Clip

Jart - Invaders
In 2000 emerging from a supernova, a 300 kilometre asteroid entered the solar system and into eratic orbit around the Earth. Scientists made a mysterious discovery - the "Stone" had exactly the same external dimensions of an orbital of Jupiter, yet had infinite internal mass.

Worshippers of all faiths hoped that the arrival could prevent the near future apocalypse termed the "Death" (America and the Soviet Union had been on a collision course since a limited nuclear exchange in 1994 known as “the Little Death”).

The Stone had been hollowed out along its long axis, and subdivided into seven vast cylindrical chambers by humans from Earth's future. Trouble was the society of human descendents, called the Hexamon had also been locked in ongoing war with an alien race. The Jarts had come from further down the Way, beyond 2.0 ex 9 (2 billion kilometers) and conquered Axis City. These frightening beings were now the masters of the Thistledown and they had an altogether different form of “Death” planned for humanity.

In 1985, UNESCO declared the Historic District of Old Kingston a World Heritage Site. Once the British capital of Ontario, Kingston was at this juncture the only North American city north of Mexico where English was spoken by a majority of citizens as a first language.
'I feel so strange what's wrong with me?' You've got a problem that you can't see
But I've got a feeling that the rumours are true I see the girl's got a hook in you
You carry on believing That you can take or leave it Now who are you deceiving
Cause when its own up time She's in back of your mind
She's got her hooks in you
You said you'd never let it happen again You spend your money and you're deeper in
MarillionYour fair-weather friends call two by two
To let you know what's wrong with you
But now your heartbeat's thumpin'
You watch your nerve ends jumpin'
Well I can tell you somethin'
When it's own up time You're gonna toe the line

~ Marillion 'Hooks in You' - Click to Watch Sample
Hooks in You
In late 1988, citing 'musical differences', Fish (real name Derek Dick) left the band and was replaced as vocalist by Steve Hogarth. In fact Fish had been suffering depression and alcoholism partly as a result of too much touring with the band.

The loss of the larger-than-life Fish left a hole that would be difficult to fill. However, the release of “Hooks in You” delivered a new commercial appeal, and more than that, a modern 90's appeal from the more photogenic new singer Steve Hogarth.

Hogarth himself made some disturbing references to the origin of the lyrics, written in February '89 at 'The Music Farm': 'The days were spent jamming in the studio and drinking fresh coffee in the lounge next door. On one such afternoon I was wrestling with the cafetiere plunger when I heard that guitar riff coming through the wall. I was perusing a fax from the ever-creative John helmer and there was this line 'when the fear gets a hook in you...' The song unfolded in my head, right there and then and, in about an hour, we had the basic structure nailed. We all wondered whether it was too 'straight ahead' but always liked its attitude... You have to listen to it loud, really... '

Trouble was, fans of Fish understood the undertones in the song. In particular, the lyric 'She's got her hooks in you She's got her hooks in me too' is a clear statement of personal rivalry between the two. There are various unsubtle references to instability etc which are unimistakably having a pop at Fish. And also of course, by then, Fish had conquered his demons, his solo career had faltered and he wanted back in... Big time.

The lyrics are available at at Tripod
Guy Montag
Guy Montag
In 2012, security forces in the dystopian America of Condoleeza Rice order the closure of the Today in Alternate History website. Arriving in College Station, Central Texas fireman Guy Montag explained that “451 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at which book-paper catches fire, and burns. However a hotter temperature will be required for Cat's PC133-style computer which has defied many physical laws still to be operating at all.

In 2017, John Cramer published Einstein's Bridge. This incredible non-fiction book recounts how George H.W. Bush selected Bob Dole as his running mate in 1988, and after being elected named John Deutsch as secretary of Energy. The combination resulted in the completion of the Superconducting Super Collider 14 years later. The high energies of the SSC attracted the attention of intelligences in two other bubble universes, one benevolent and the other implacably hostile. Particle Accelerator
Particle Accele..
In 1963, in the early evening, the strange being known as Snake eyes stood outside the Paine home in Irving, Texas, about 15 miles from down-town Dallas. He knocked on the door, and spoke briefly with a young Russian lady. Her husband worked in the City, she was alone and impatient to return to her two week old daughter. Snake eyes passed the young lady a brown paper bag containing a Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle and gave some detailed instructions to be carried out forty-eight hours hence. Her uncle and aunt in Minsk would have been astounded to see the calm acquiescence of the troubled 19-year-old student they knew just a few years before .

In 1999, Philip Roth published his masterpiece The Plot Against Rhodesia, exploring a wholly imagined thesis and sees it through to the end: Ian Smith becomes Rhodesian Prime Minister in 1965 as seen through the eyes of a Zimbabwean family in the suburbs of Salisbury. Some critics panned the ending in which a well known literacy device was used to project forward to the election of Robert Mugabe in 1980 whereby some limited form balance had been restored in this alternative universe. However, in a breathtaking coda, Ian Smith turns the tables on Zanu-PF and restores white settler rule with assistance from South African in Operation Quartz Ian Smith
Ian Smith

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