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Monday, October 29, 2007

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HaloweenIn 1976, Jeremy Thorn asked "Where is this place?"
"City of Jezreel, town of Meddigo," replied Bugenhagen without expression. "The place where Christianity began. In this village square, Roman armies once marched and old men on stone benches whispered rumous of the birth of Christ. The stories they told were recorded here, in this build, painstakingly written down and compiled into a book we know as the Bible. Here. My fortress, my prison. "
"You're prison..?" asked Thorn. "Geographically, this is the heart of Christianity. I have been kept here against my will. Why I needed Mrs Baylock to bring you to me. Why I need to explain how to kill the child". Old Man Bugenhagen unwrapped a package of stiletto daggers. "I will explain, I will explain everything" he said.
Haloween - Story

In 2007, on this day the Reuters office at the Vatican City issued the following statement ~ The Knights Templar, the Christian military order accused of heresy and sexual misconduct, will soon be partly rehabilitated when the Vatican publishes trial documents it had closely guarded for 700 years. A reproduction of the minutes of trials against the Templars, "'Processus Contra Templarios -- Papal Inquiry into the Trial of the Templars'" is a massive work and much more than a book -- with a 5,900 euros (4,125 pounds) price tag.

"This is a milestone because it is the first time that these documents are being released by the Vatican, which gives a stamp of authority to the entire project," said Professor Barbara Frale, a medievalist at the Vatican's Secret Archives.

"Nothing before this offered scholars original documents of the trials of the Templars," she told Reuters in a telephone interview ahead of the official presentation of the work on October 25.

The epic comes in a soft leather case that includes a large-format book including scholarly commentary, reproductions of original parchments in Latin, and -- to tantalise Templar buffs -- replicas of the wax seals used by 14th-century inquisitors.

Speculation has arisen of a historic visit to Malta from Pope Benedict. An invitation from the Grand Master is yet to be issued, but there are understood to be no pre-conditions for such a visit.

In 1914, the Byzantium Empire declared war upon the Allied Powers of Britain, France and Russia. The perspective of Emperor Constantine XV was determined by Russian ambitions for Constatinople and a perceived British threat from the Suez Canal Zone. Following the Russian débâcle at the Battle of Tannenberg and Masurian Lakes, the “sick old man” of Europe judged an Allied victory unlikely and belatedly honoured a collective defence treaty with the Central Powers.
Jacques Parizeau
Jacques Parizeau
In 1995, Québécois federalists narrowly lost a 49.4% to 50.6% referendum for a mandate to negotiate union with Canada. Since Samuel de Champlain's famous journey up the St. Lawrence River in a 1603 expedition, Québéc had been a Francophone pocket in North America. However not all Québécois were in the mood for celebrating. Premier Lucien Bouchard angrily declared that the loss was due to "money and the ethnic vote", resigned over public outrage and as per his commitment to do so in case of a loss. His successor, nationalist Jacques Parizeau immediately set about organising a triumphant five hundred year celebration of independence, declaring Vive le Québec libre ! (Long live free Quebec!).

In 2008, on the eve of Election Day, Texan singer/songwriter and Independent US Presidential Candidate Richard S. “Kinky” Friedman shared his thoughts on competitors' Condoleeza Rice and Hilary Clinton. Asked if he agreed that the campaign was a two-horse race he replied "I agree with her; it's between Condi and her ego."Kinky Friedman
Kinky Friedman
In 1953, US President Douglas MacArthur formally approved the top secret document National Security Council Paper No. 162/2, which states that the United States' arsenal of nuclear weapons must be maintained and expanded to counter the communist threat. Shortly afterwards, former US President Harry S Truman began to organise a national resistance movement, convinced that MacArthur had failed to grasp the once-only opportunity that the Bomb had offered in Japan.

In 1965, just miles from Da Nang, United States Marines repel an intense attack by wave after wave of Viet Cong forces, killing 56 guerrillas. Among the dead, a sketch of Marine positions was found on the body of a 13-year-old Vietnamese boy who sold drinks to the Marines the day before. President Kennedy seized upon this event to announce the withdrawal of American forces from Vietnam by the end of 1965, as he had planned two years before.Alt Historian
Alt Historian

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