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Friday, December 14, 2007

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• 400 Visitor Day 13/12/07 for Surpluses
• Dan Haymond guest posts in Surpluses.
• Christmas Carol starts in Redemption.
• Auto-gen Digg Summary added in Traumas.
• John Faerseth guest posts in Traumas.
• 400 Visitor Day 5/12/07 for Terminated
• TIAH '08 collection – job done.
• Reverend Robbie Lets Rip.
• Radical Royalist comments on Ruins.
• Social bookmarks modified in Ruins.
• Ratty goes solo Ratmanifesto launched.
• Reverend Robbie comment on Winners.
• Reverend Robbie concludes Hallowe'en Story.
• Jake Dominquez guest posts in Footprint.
• Article Hiroshima bomb pilot dies aged 92.
• Reverend Robbie comments on Hallowe'en.
• TIAH 2008 design complete in Kids Stuff.
• Brian Brackney guest posts in Fables.
• Social bookmarks added in Precedents.
• Zarln Hapsiscott comments on TT TIAH.
• Kwame Dallas guests posts in Wickedness.
• Hyperlinked metadata tags demo'ed.
• Kwame Dallas guests posts in Return of the Fish.
• First solo post in Anarchy in the UK.
• Ratty says So long and thanks for all the Fish.

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