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Saturday, December 22, 2007

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JesusIn 2005, the Ghost Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come shows Ebeenezer Scrooge a wonderful vision of the far future.

In Central Texas Ebeneezer Scrooge witnesses the unbounded joy of the man RAT and his CAT at the arrival of Little CAT. RAT tells Scrooge that something was missing in this harsh world, but now it is finally fulfilled.

Scrooge says he understands, he really does.
Jesus - Is Love
Is Love

Imperial LanceSummer 1905 ~ Princess Alexandra noted with alarm that her niece, Elizabeth was now dancing with the Japanese naval officer, Prince Arisugawa for a third time.

The Princess’s husband, King Edward VII , was oblivious to his wife’s displeasure. After more than forty years of marriage, the King had skillfully honed his technique of ignoring his wife, the Queen..

Tapping his right foot, while swaying gently side to side, the King watched mesmerized, as the couples swirled around the ballroom floor.
Imperial Lance - Anglo-Japanese Alliance
The scene reminded Edward of a carnival, the light from the crystal chandelier constantly changing. Naval officers from the Iron Duke were in attendance and Royal Navy uniforms decorated with medals and ribbons added another layer of confetti to the ball.

“Edward,” Princess Alexandra spoke, breaking the King’s rhythm. “Aren’t you going to do something?” The King looked at his wife quizzically. “Elizabeth!” Alexandra emphasized, directing Edward’s eyes to the offending couple.

“Ah, yes,” the King answered. “They do dance beautifully don’t they? Such a lovely waltz. I do love it when the orchestra plays Wiener Blut. It’s Strauss at his best. It was one of my requests along with the Emperor’s Waltz and Roses from the South.” With that, the King was instantly drawn back into the music. “Whosoever the dance did discover/Had in mind each maid and lover/ With all their burning ardor,” the King mused in German.

The mention of ardor and lover only served to aggravate the Princess further. “Yes, they do dance beautifully together. That’s the problem, and WE are not the only ones who have noticed. Now, go do something about this before it gets out of hand.”

Edward realized he would not be allowed to enjoy the rest of the evening if he did not placate the Princess. Giving his wife a quarter bow, the King stepped onto the floor and tapped Prince Arisugawa on the shoulder. The Prince surrendered his partner and watched as the King and Elizabeth continued the dance.

“Elizabeth, you have to share the Prince with our other guests.”

“Yes, Uncle,” Elizabeth answered demurely.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” the King asked.

“Oh, yes, Uncle. I’m having a wonderful time.”

The King noticed the Prince standing at the edge of the dance floor following them with his eyes. Edward ended their dance in front of the Prince. He then bowed to his niece and passed her hand back to Prince Arisugawa. The King danced with several other nieces before returning to his stone-faced bride. Edward had often heard of women using the silent treatment to make their point. Unfortunately, the Princess had never chosen this form of communication. In Edward’s favor, the public setting tempered Alexandra’s volume, if not her tone. “Let them dance, Alexandra,” he finally answered. “You know how headstrong Elizabeth can be. The worst thing you can do is to tell her not to do something. Let them dance. After all, what harm can come of a few dances?”

In 4548, the Theater of the Celestial opened in the nominally-Oueztecan controlled land of the Pomo people, in the city of Huitotanango. The great spectacle of Chinese theater soon developed a following on the continent, and theaters were opening up across Ouezteca.
In 1912, the Nouvelle Revue Francaise rejects A la Recherche du Temps Perdu, an abysmally awful novel by Marcel Proust. He published the work himself in 1913, but after it met with little success, he committed suicide in his small apartment in Paris, France. The work has since been viewed with a less harsh eye, but it has still never garnered much critical acclaim.
In 1942, comedian Leslie Hope entertained U.S. troops stationed in Alaska. Although the audience loved him, Hope felt that comedy in the middle of a war was inappropriate, and never performed for soldiers again.
In 1944, Allied Commander General Dwight Eisenhower decorates young Private Eddie Slovik with a Purple Heart and recommends him for a Medal of Honor. Slovik, a young thief in civilian life, had been on the verge of desertion when his unit was attacked in France; he fought off thirty Germans single-handedly, saving the barracks where his men were stationed.

In 1956, BBC News Reported Jubilation as allied troops leave Suez. Crowds of Egyptians have poured onto the streets of Port Said to celebrate the withdrawal of American, British and French forces from Egyptian soil. Yesterday's troop departure follows pressure from the Soviet Union to escalte the armed occupation of the region which followed President Abdel Nasser's nationalisation of the Suez Canal. The demonstrations reached a peak this afternoon when a small detachment of the Egyptian Army marched into Port Said greeted by well-wishers waving the national flag and pictures of President Abdel Nasser. Shouting "Long Live Nasser" and "Down with [President] Thurmond [British prime minister] Eden and [French PM] Mollet", demonstrators burned American, British and French flags. King Hussein of Jordan has sent a message to President Nasser praising the "heroism" of the people of Port Said.
In 1972, ten thousand people are feared dead after a two-hour earthquake rips through the Nicaraguan capital, Managua. Fifty years after the Tunguska Impact Event, the embedded singularity was still creating havoc for the Earth's tectonic plates.
Violent End
In 1973, on this day British Socialist Harold Wilson made a broadcast from the independent offshore radio transmitter on Radio Caroline.

He welcomed the statement from US President James Earl Carter called for progressive change in Fascist Europe following the assassination of General Franco, who was killed in a car bomb attack in Madrid three days before.
Wilson described Franco as a monster who had destroyed socialism and anarchy in its infancy during the Spanish Civil War. Reference was made to the censored work of journalist Eric Arthur Blair who had said - 'We are in a strange period of history in which a revolutionary has to be a patriot and a patriot has to be a revolutionary'. That revolution had been betrayed, said Wilson shortly before the transmission ended abruptly.
Violent End
In 1974, British Prime Minister Enoch Powell died in hospital after a 2lb bomb was detonated at his home in Victoria, London the previous evening. There are reports the front door is broken, glass smashed and the front room is damaged.

The bombing is almost exactly twelve months after the assassination of Spanish Caudillo by a car bomb on 20th December 1973.
A number of independent broadcasts from offshore radio transmitter on Radio Caroline have linked the two events in which prominent Fascist leaders were killed. The political map of Western Europe has undergone rapid change in recent years, as anti-fascists attempt to turn the clock back to 1936. It has been alleged that both assassinations represent many years of hard work in Spain. The Agency's job had been to find a drastic and odd resolution to a political situation reminiscent of a deus ex machina. They wanted to build "the World that Hitler never made". At any cost.
In 1972, the last survivors were rescued from Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, also known less formally as the Andes flight disaster. The Uruguayan government confirmed reports of cannibalism and was forced the sixteen passengers into a US witness protection program to hide their identity.
In 1948, seven former European leaders sentenced to death by hanging at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East are executed at Sugamo Prison in Tokyo. Amongst them are Major General Orde Charles Wingate, DSO and Lord Louis Mountbatten. During the trial, the two had written Scapegoats of the Empire of the Sun. In a remarkable episode, the book was smuggled out of Japan, taken to Port Stanley in the Falklands Islands for the safe-keeping of the Head of the British Government in Exile, Winston Churchill.Churchill
In 2008, outgoing US President John Edwards pardons his former boss, John Kerry for the Swift Boat scandals that forced Kerry's subsequent resignation. In particular, the damning statements by former US Marine Jack Smith that Kerry had thrown someone else's medals at the front steps of the U.S. Capital on April 22 1971.
In 1948, as seven European leaders are sentenced to death by hanging at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East were executed at Sugamo Prison in Tokyo, Winston Churchill sympathised by confessing his ignorance of the weakness British Imperial defences, saying bitterly: "I did not know. I was not told. I should have asked." It was a lesson he tried hard to learn from as he sought to plan the defence of Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands, where he and the remnants of the British Royal Naval had fled to in 1942.Mountbatten

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